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Welcome to bHaptics Docs

Welcome to the bHaptics documentation!

This documentation is written to assist game developers who want to integrate bHaptics into their games.

bHaptics provides a tightly integrated haptic ecosystem, seamlessly connected from hardware to software, designed to be easily accessible to both users and game developers.

About this docs

bHaptics offers various powerful tools that can be used to incorporate haptics into your games. This document aims to help you apply immersive haptic feedback to your games using these tools.

Go to Getting Started to get an overview of haptic development process.


  • VR
    • Windows 10/11: SteamVR, Rift
    • Standalone: Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest Pro, Meta Quest 2
  • PC
    • Windows 10/11
  • Game Engine
    • Unity: 2019.4.0+
    • Unreal: 4.26+

The OS of the Meta Quest Series is Android.


  • Windows 10/11 PC
  • Web browser for web-based tool(Designer, Developer Portal)
    • Chromium-based browser(Chrome, Edge, etc.) or Firefox